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Music Classes

$55.00 per Hr. Class


  • Violin

  • Trumpet

  • Guitarron

  • Vihuela

  • Guitar

  • Vocals


Beginners . Intermediate. Advanced

  • Ear Training

  • Sight Reading

  • Music Reading


"So proud of the Tamayo sisters Blanca Tamayo. They are progressing so well only after 4 lessons. They can explain how to put together a “ “ 13 chord and choose all the correct notes including the extensions 9 11 13. It’s insane. The best part is they UNDERSTAND! I am not simply saying PUT your fingers here and play! They are learning theory enough where they can explain it to one another ! I love that they are actually understanding how to build their own chords.

When I took out Cielito Lindo they used the knowledge and tools I gave them to be able to figure out where the notes and chords were themselves. And to have a 7 year on trumpet is so challenging because she is so young ....finding ways to keep it fun! I love every moment. "

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