1 Popurrí Jarocho
2 Estampas de Mi Tierra
3 José Alfredo Jiminez Popurrí II
4 Amor del Alma
5 Mirando Hacia Arriba
6 Di Algo
7 México de Noche
8 Vivir Mi Vida
9 Mi Tesoro
10 Ay Papacito
11 Say Something
12 Quinceañera

15 Aniversario - American and Latin Grammy Nominated 2015

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 The Divas are often in multiple places at once, so please to do not hesitate to contact us even if we already have something scheduled for your event date as we have lots of Divas to go around.  Don't forget we also have Mariachi Espectacular available if you are interested in a male mariachi or mixed male/female combination mariachi. 

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